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How to Approach Women Online: 7 Conversation Starters

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One of the best ways to get into casual relationship is to start on the Internet. There are a number of websites out there that specifically cater to casual encounters in Brisbane. Encounters Brisbane

There are also sites that are typical dating sites but have the option of only seeking out Brisbane casual encounters.

If you want to make sure that you are finding a great woman for a casual encounter online, you need to start strong by approaching them in the correct way.

Here are some great conversation starters that you can use to get the ball rolling:

1 – ‘Your Profile Caught my Eye’
If you want to play it safe, just saying that her profile caught your eye is a great idea. This will get you in the door with a woman you might have noticed but there is some risk to this. First of all, it is a bit boring.

You have to realise that women get a lot of messages on these sites and though you might feel more comfortable sending a message like this, it could get lost in the shuffle.

2 – ‘In Your Profile You Say You are Looking For…’
Another way that you can approach women online and start a conversation is by referencing her profile. For instance, if she says she is looking for casual encounters in Brisbane, you can say something like ‘In your profile you say you are looking for casual encounters. I am too.’

3 – ‘I Would Love to Know More About What You Want’
You can also get a conversation started by asking a woman to tell you more about what she is looking for. If she responds, you can be sure that you can get a conversation started about what you are both looking for, comparing what you might want and what you should do about it.

4 – ‘I am Interested in You and Want the Same Thing’
Being blunt and to the point can also be a great way to approach women online and get a conversation started. By doing this, you can tell her exactly what you are looking for and if she is looking for the same, you might be able to get something started.

5 – ‘Would You be Interested in Getting to Know Each Other?’
Asking a question can be a great way to approach a woman on the Internet. Especially if it is an open-ended question that she would need to respond to. For instance, if you ask her if she would like to get to know you, you are giving her an open door and she can make the next move.

If she does, you can immediately get into a conversation based on information on her profile.

6 – ‘I Would Love to See More of You…Preferably Without Clothing’
Let’s be real…Brisbane casual encounters are based on sex and these women will be looking for sex. Though making a comment like this on a regular online profile would likely not bring a response to you, but with casual dating, this can actually get you more information from someone looking for a relationship based on sex.

7 – ‘Do You Think You Might Want to Sleep With a Guy Who Can…’
Finally, you can approach a women online by starting strong with the sex reference. After all, she is looking for sex, you are looking for sex, so why worry about offending her by bringing up sex from the start.

You can definitely have a much better chance using this type of opening with someone who is only looking for sex than you would have if on a regular dating site.

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